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TNG is a refractory, mechanical, and specialty welding company experienced in all aspects of the industry. We provide quality craftsmanship and expeditious service, contributing any necessary assistance in the design and fabrication on equipment that fall into out specialties. We strive to provide our customers with the longest possible maintenance-free life for each of the projects performed.

Concern for the future and our overall quality of life drives TNG’s focus on environmental issues. All employees receive training that builds a basic understanding of environmental requirements and a respect for the world around us. Client-specific environmental training, such as waste handling and disposal, is incorporated into orientation and safety meeting topics. TNG continually seeks out more environmentally responsible materials and procedures to minimize the impact of our operations.


We maintain red line drawings during project execution. Upon project completion, changes are incorporated  using customers requested format. We have a comprehensive Quality Control Program that is continually modified to incorporate the latest technology. We work closely with our customer’s engineering departments toward the development of new quality control methods.

  • TNG consists of management and project teams, with over 200 years of direct hands-on experience in various industries.

  • TNG’s management team has amassed an excess of 500,000 man-hours, in both the Mechanical and Refractory fields.

  • Our management team has worked in a number of turnkey  and high caliber projects in recent years. We aim to build on that experience to become leaders in the refractory and mechanical industry, as well as develop a reputation focused on safety.

  • TNG specializes in a wide range of services, from minor and routine repairs, to large scale turnaround projects, equipped with a world class safety program.

  • TNG employs a dynamic project planning and management team, utilizing the most experienced and quality craftsmen found in the industry.

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