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TNG’s design and engineering solutions complement our world class construction capabilities. These services together, provide our customer with the tools necessary to make informed and critical decisions in todays competitive environment. TNG is the best choice for turnaround work refractory and mechanical work, from routine repairs to turnarounds. We offer up front budget analysis packages. Complete with scheduling, cost breakdowns, material evaluations, and heat transfer analysis. Our capabilities extend beyond a single discipline, allowing for an integrated solution for mechanical, refractory, specialty welding, and code compliance.

Industries Served:

  • Cement

  • Aluminum

  • Steel

  • Cogeneration

  • Mining

  • Agriculture

  • Recycling

  • Asphalt Processing

  • Paper & Pulp Mill

  • Petrochemical

  • Cryogenic

  • Food Processing

  • Beverage Processing

  • Manufacturing

TNG's Services Include:

  • Engineering and Design

  • Complete Project Management Services

  • Refractory Design and Installation

  • Mechanical Maintenance/Construction

  • Specialty Welding

  • Structural Steel Fabrication & Erection

  • Piping & Duct Fabrication

  • 24 Hour Emergency Service

  • Fire Proofing

  • National Board       Stamp Holder

  • ASME      and      Certification

  • On-Site Piping and Valve Installation

  • In-Service Welding

  • Heater/Furnace/Boiler Hotspot Repairs

  • Boiler and Heater Retubes

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TNG prides itself in its world class refractory services. Our experience ranging from vibration casting, erosion linings, acid brick linings, pump casting, castable gunite, shotcrete, gunned plastic, fire proofing, and firebrick installation is shown through our efficiency, quality, and safety.


TNG takes pride in the quality of our Mechanical division. TNG offers a complete service and strives to produce quality work while maintaining an impeccable safety program. Our management team and craftsman have many years of experience in this division and are highly reputable throughout the industry.

Specialty Welding

TNG strives and takes pride in offering the most qualified Specialty Welding segment throughout the industry. Our craftsman work hand in hand with management to produce the most efficient and quality product to our clients.

Piping and Duct Fabrication

TNG prides ourselves in our Piping and Duct Fabrication segment within our Mechanical and Specialty Welding division. We have experience in heaters, boilers, and processing equipment; and provide our service with the most qualified craftsmen in the industry to maintain consistency, quality, and efficiency.


TNG prides itself in its industrial fireproofing segment. With our years of experience we specialize in our own design and safe installation of all fireproofing systems. Factoring in our quality control program and our quality craftsmen we ensure to provide consistent work that meets all of our customer needs.

Custom Refractory Shapes and Forms

TNG provides a qualified service in Fabrication of special shapes segment within our Refractory division. We have experience in creating many different shapes, such as Lentils, Burner Tiles, Coffin Tiles, etc, to any specification that is requested. We provide an experienced management team that work hand in hand with our qualified craftsmen to deliver a product at the highest standard in the industry.


Specialty Welding & Mechanical Services

TNG offers a complete services solution package with our Specialty Welding & Mechanical Division. Our capabilities are well proven through our management experience on large turn-key services, as well as mid-sized  maintenance outages and turnarounds, down to minor and emergency repairs.

Our welding and rigging team is composed of some of the best in the industry, experienced in code welding, alloy welding, rigging, structural welding, bolt-up equipment connections, etc.

Combining the capabilities of Refractory Services with those of the Specialty Welding & Mechanical Division, eliminates the problems associated with having to manage multiple contractors in large scale outage and turnaround work. TNG has the knowledge and experience to perform all stages of large scale outage and turnaround work.

Project Management

During projects, outages and turnarounds, we provide the client with up-to-date data on scheduling, progress made, and unforeseen issues that may have an impact on the projects time frame or cost.

We take pride in keeping within our budgets and meeting our scheduled deadlines, as well as providing suggestions and alternative solutions to various problems encountered during critical projects.

We offer an experienced team composed of individuals with the knowledge and leadership skills necessary to produce quality service with efficiency and safety, all while keeping costs down.

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