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TNG’s Safety Management Team is focused on creating a culture of safety and accountability within the organization. Management staff provides instruction and guidance to ensure that safety is a core value for our company.

The TNG Safety Team provides training, staff, and support to continually review and adapt our health, safety, and environmental programs to complement the demands of our work. The Safety Teams effort ensure that our team maintains a positive attitude, with job safety always in mind, and awareness for the well being of our fellow employees.

TNG focuses strongly on safety and makes it a priority. We believe that all accidents are preventable.  Job stand downs are a standard practice when any near miss occurs.  This allows us to learn, guide and educate our staff on procedures and guidelines that can help prevent further incidents.  Our goal is to continuously improve our safety practices in order to provide our customers with quality and efficient service.

An aggressive safety program is in place to instill participation and awareness of safe work habits. Our staff participate in an on-going effort attending various CPR/First Aid, OSHA/MSHA training courses and awareness seminars, to develop the necessary tools to ensure ALL employees return home to their families in the same condition that they came to work.


Our personnel are highly trained in their craft related areas. We also train our personnel on how to effectively work alongside other disciplines and other companies in order to achieve common project goals.

  • ASME S Certification

  • Craft Skills Assessments

  • ABC Master Training

  • Time Management

  • Incident Reporting Process

  • Welding Certification

  • Lead Awareness

  • ASME U Certification

  • Supervisor Enhancement

  • Incident/Accident Investigation

  • API 936 Refractory Repair-Demolition

  • Craft Certification Programs

  • Rigger Certification

  • NBIC        Certification

  • OSHA 10 Hour Safety Compliance

  • OSHA 30 Hour Safety Compliance

  • MSHA New Miner & Annual Refresher

  • MSHA Part 46 and Part 48

  • Operator Certification

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